Water water everywhere, but nothing safe to drink…

Water… probably the most important substance on this planet. Without it, we can be dead within a week. Much sooner is hot and dry conditions, yet most people under prepare for water shortages. We have become so used to plentiful “safe” water from the tap that we just assume it will always be there. The […]

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Food Prep: Canned food?

When the topic of food prep (preparedness) comes up, the talk of stockpiling canned food usually comes up too. So, is it a good idea? Is it a viable option? How would/should it be done? Read on for more on this.   So first off, is stockpiling canned food a good idea? The short answer […]

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Greetings and Welcome

I hope you are doing well, as well as those you love. This is an introductory post to this blog and website. Throughout the history of humans, there has always been a need to be prepared. Prepared for the unexpected, and even the expected. On the light end of preparedness, families tend to do much […]

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